Using Hit Locations
This rule is optional, but it does add a sense of drama to combat. A campaign can handle this a couple different ways. The easiest way is to simply assume that all hits are to the body (Locations 9-13) unless a Character is choosing to target a particular body location. The dramatic way is to determine the location of each attack randomly. To determine how much damage is done, first find the location and subtract any armor the defender may be wearing in that location. Then apply the listed damage multiplier to the damage which is left.

Whichever way you decide, you can use the following chart as an aid in determining hit locations and finding the penalties for targeting various locations of the body.

Hit Modifier
3d6 Roll
Damage Mult
x1 1/2
x1 1/2

If there is a question which hand, arm, shoulder, thigh, legs or foot was struck, determine it randomly.

Action Summary
The following chart is a summary of actions commonly used in Dawn of Legends, especially if you are using the hit location rules. Some actions, such as Bypass Armor, are not used in this game because partial armor rules are normally used in Dawn of Legends games.

Action Notes
Aim +1 AV, -1 DV per Round
Armor Piercing -2 AV, DV
Block Abort; Defensive
Charge -2 AV, -3 DV, +1d6; Full Run
Choke Hold -4 AV, -3 DV, +2d6 Deadly
Combat Run half Run Stat, still have action
Disarm -1 AV, DV; STR+AV vs. STR+DV
Dive/Cover -5 DV; Defensive; Full Run
Dodge +3 DV; Abort; Defensive
Draw&Attack -3 AV
Draw Wpn Ready Weapon
Escape STR + Athletics
Get up Stand up
Grab -2 AV, -3 DV; STR+Athletics
Kick -1 DV; +1d6 Knock Out
Legend. Blow -2 AV, DV; +2d6 Damage
Lethal Strike -2 AV, DV; STR as Deadly
Mighty Blow -1 AV, DV; +1d6 Damage
Mounted Charge -1 AV, -2 DV; +2d6 Damage
Recover -5 DV; REC back in Stun
Run Run Stat
Sprint -5 DV; Sprint Stat
Strike Attack
Sweep -3 AV, DV; Attack 2 opponents
Tackle -2 AV, -3 DV;
Trip No Damage, target falls
Two Weapon Strike -3 AV, DV; Attack 2 opponents

An Example of Combat
The following example of play can be used to help you in using the items and techniques shown in this web book.

Brenna has a weapon that is a Frost Spatha of Superior quality. To find the stats, we look up a Normal Spatha. It has WA +0 DC3 str min 3 init +0. Since this is an superior spatha its stats are better. Using the table in the Gear section regarding Quality Weapons, we see that Superior weapons add to the base values of a weapon. The stats become: WA +1 DC 4 StrMin 2 init +0. Since it’s a frost spatha it also adds an extra dice of damage.

To find out how much damage Brenna does with this weapon we look at her STR Characteristic. Brenna has a strength of 5. This means that she will take the DC of the weapon + (her strength – the str. Min.). This gives us 7D6 for damage. Weapon DC 4 + (5 – 2) = 7. If Brenna had a STR of 8 she would only get 8D6 of Damage instead of 10d6 because you can only do up to twice the damage class of the weapon.

Now assume Brenna is entering combat with this weapon. As they enter combat they roll for initiative.

To figure their Initiative they each roll 3d6 and add the appropriate modifiers. Brenna rolls 3D6 and gets 9 while her opponent rolls 10. Brenna has one level of combat sense [+1 to Initiative], and her weapon adds +0 to the Initiative total. Her opponent is using a spear, which is –1 to his Initiative and has no other modifiers. Brenna has 9 + 1 for a total of 10 and her opponent has 10 – 1 for a total of 9. This Initiative will not need to be rolled again until four Rounds have passed.

Brenna has a REF of 5 and a skill of 8 with her sword and has Sword Mastery. Her skill is 8 + REF 5 + 1 WA (provided by the Superior quality of the weapon), giving her an Attack Value (A.V.) of 14

Her opponent has a Melee Evade skill of 4 + his Dex of 3 + 10 giving him a DV of 17

Since Brenna is pretty sure that she is going to hit her opponent she is going to risk doing a Weapon Master maneuver to GUT him (which she gains via her Sword Mastery). This will take 5 off her Total AV but if successful the results will be impressive. Brenna rolls 3d6 and gets 9. So 14 – 5 + 9 = 18. This exceeds the DV of his Opponent. Since this was a GUT maneuver, she doesn’t have to roll for the location. She rolls for damage and finds a total of 27 points (including the 1d6 of Frost damage). The soldier is wearing Chain armor which covered this location. This has an Armor value of 12, which we deduct from the damage total, leaving 15 points of damage to apply the soldier's Hits. The Gut maneuver targets the stomach and the Hit Location chart tells us we must multiply damage that got past armor by 1 1/2. Taking 1 1/2 x 15 we get 22.5 (but we round it to 23 points). Her opponent only has 20 Hits so this is bad news for him. The attack drops him and he is dying (-3 Hits).

According to the GUT maneuver, if the attacks hits and drops her opponent, she gains a free Presence Attack with and additional 3d6 as the ruthless and remarkably colorful maneuver strikes terror into the hearts of her enemies.

She rolls the 3d6 provided in addition to 2d6 provided by her PRE of 2. Her grand total of was 9. It doesn’t look like any one is going to run away.

By gaining the initiative and having superior skill, Brenna was able to drop her target very quickly and efficiently without reprisal by the soldier.