In any campaign, characters will need to get the basic Skills and Equipment with which to fight, protect themselves, and generally adventure.

Inherent Options
Inherent Options are things that are part of the character; they are as much a part of him as his Characteristics. They cannot be taken from him (under most circumstances), but they also cannot be used by anyone else. Sometimes, however, it may be possible to suppress them. For instance, if a druid displeased his gods (perhaps by critically failing a spell casting roll), they may suppress his Magically Gifted Talent until the god or goddess feel the character has learned his lesson. Inherent items usually include Skills, Talents, and Perks, and are always purchased with Options Points (OP) given to players by the GM of the game they are in. At the Heroic level in Dawn of Legends, Players have 45 OPs to spend.

Typical Dawn of Legends Setting: 45 Option Points

Bought Options
Bought Options are things that can be constructed and paid for in money. Bought items most often include starting cash, magical weapons, armor, and equipment. Unlike Inherent Options, Bought Options can be used by others. They can also be destroyed or taken away from a character and must be replaced by using money or new OP gained through Experience.

Option Points
The units with which your purchase your Options are called Option Points (OPs). A pool of Option Points is always given to Players by the GM at the start of character creation. After character creation, all remaining Options Points can be converted to money units on a scale of 100 money units to 1 OP. The standard unit of exchange in Dawn of Legends is a silver coin. Twenty silver coins (sc) make up a single gold coin (gc). Thus the exchange rate is: 1 gold piece = 20 silver pieces.