Unless noted otherwise, abilities within the same Weapon Master group may be used together. Thus, it is possible for a master axe man to Slice and Behead an opponent. Or a master lancer may Charge and Shishkabob his victims. To use Weapon Mastery, purchase the package you want your character to have in addition to purchasing the appropriate melee or hand to hand fighting skill. Your character may perform all maneuvers in a package up to the level of skill the character has. For instance, if your character put five points in Hand to Hand, she may purchase the Brawling package and perform any maneuver up to Level 5.


Master Axesman, Axes [8]
Level 3: Bash.
Level 5: Destroy Shield.
Level 7: Slice.
Level 9: Behead.

Brawler, (Unarmed) [5]
Level 3: Body Slam.
Level 4: Arm/Hand Lock.
Level 5: Head Butt.
Level 7: Throw.

Hammerer, (Hammers & Maces) [5]
Level 3: Destroy Shield.
Level 5: Break Weapon.
Level 7: Shatter Joint.

Master Lancer, (Lance) [8]
Level 3: Knight’s Charge.
Level 5: Bash.
Level 7: Shishkabob.

Master Spearman [8]
Level 3: Bash.
Level 5: Armed Leg Sweep.
Level 7: Skewer.

Master of Blades (Small Blades) [5]
Level 3: Extra Attack.
Level 5: Free Parry.
Level 7: Gut.

Master of the Staff (Quarterstaff) [5]
Level 3: Bash.
Level 5: Armed Leg Sweep.
Level 7: Free Parry.

Master Swordsman [8]
Level 3: Free Parry.
Level 5: Skewer.
Level 7: Gut.

This is an advanced type of Grab maneuver (-2 to Attack Value). Instead of grabbing the victim, the attacker grabs and twists an arm, elbow or hand into a painful position. If the grab is successful, the defender may try to break free, but must use Hand to Hand + Reflexes (or Combat in Instant Dawn of Legends) + 3D6 versus the attacker’s Hand to Hand + Reflexes (Combat) + 3D6. On the attacker’s subsequent actions, he may apply Strength to do a like amount of Knockout Damage in D6s. In addition, the attacker may force his victim to move in a direction of the attacker’s choosing at half the attacker’s movement rate.

A sweeping strike to the legs is executed with this Action. This ability is usually only available to long weapons, as sweeping for legs with medium sized or short weapons tends to expose the foolish warrior’s head and neck. A successful attack targeting the legs (-2 to the Attack Value for Characters with this ability) causes Knockout Damage and causes the victim to fall. The victim must spend an Action to get on his feet. While the victim is on the ground she suffers a -5 to DV and a -2 to Initiative.

This is simply the ability to do Knockout Damage (affecting Stun) with a weapon normally used to do Lethal Damage (affecting Stun and Hits). Weapons granting Bash have a blunt side or haft that can be used to strike a victim.

This weapon is capable of inflicting such trauma that a skilled wielder may be capable of completely severing the head of the intended victim. Targeting the head at -6 to the Character’s Attack Value (AV), a Character delivers Lethal Damage which is doubled after accounting for Armor. If the victim drops and is dead or dying, then his head is considered to have been sliced clean off his shoulders! This gives +5D6 to add to the Character’s Presence for an immediate Presence Attack versus any allies of the fallen warrior that were able to witness the blow. Fanatics or unintelligent foes may ignore this, however.

This unarmed combat maneuver allows the character to move up to his full Run and then attack the target. This normally consists of running and jumping on the opponent, jumping out of trees onto someone, etc. The attacker is at a -2 to AV but gains +3D6 Knockout damage to his attack. Since the attacker is using her entire body as a weapon, she will sustain half the damage done in the attack. After the maneuver is executed, it is assumed that the attacker is on the ground or off balance (-5 DV and -2 to Initiative). However, if the attack was successful, the defender is also at a similar penalty.

Some weapons are able to to deliver quite a wallop to a small area. Targeting someone’s weapon is a good way to either break the weapon or deliver a blow of such force that the shock knocks it from the victim’s hand. To attempt this, the Character makes an Attack Roll, applying -4 to his total. If the attack is successful, roll 1D6 and compare it to the Strength Minimum of the weapon. If it equals or exceeds the Strength Minimum, the weapon is either knocked from the victim’s hand (weapons made almost entirely of metal) or broken (weapons made mostly of wood).

Weapons capable of Destroying Shields allow their wielders to deliver damage that can slice through or shatter wood. The Character may declare she is targeting a shield at the following penalties to her Attack Value: -1 to hit a Large Shield, -2 to hit a Medium Shield, and -3 to hit a Small Shield. Each successful attack reduces the Defensive Bonus granted by the shield by 1. When the Shield is reduced to 0, it is considered destroyed. Note that the defender, in this case, will not receive the shield’s bonus to evade this attack.

If the wielder uses two small bladed weapons (dagger, knife, seax, short sword), the off hand attack is not penalized, but the character may not walk (at her MOVE rate), run or sprint. Acrobatic leaps and flips are allowed, within a couple m/yds of the intended target. Attacks may be directed against the same or different foes, so long as both foes are within reach. Using this mastery costs the Character a penalty of -2 to DV. This rule can supercede the Attacking with Two Weapons rules.

The Weapon Master gains a free Block maneuver with the off hand, without sacrificing his normal Action. A Character with the Extra Attack may not both gain the extra Attack and free Block during the same Phase. The Character must choose which Weapon Mastery ability she will use. This ability is not cumulative with the Defender ability of magic weapons.

This is a vicious maneuver that results in psychological as well as physical attack. To perform the Gut Action, the Character must successfully target the stomach area of her opponent (-5 to her Attack Value, causing 1.5 times the damage that exceeds the Armor rating of the victim). If the victim is hit and drops because due to loss of Hits, Stun or Death, the Character has Gutted her victim. The gruesome result and horrendous pain associated with such an attack can horrify allies of the fallen warrior. The Character gains +3D6 to add to the number of dice provided by her Presence Characteristic which she then uses as an immediate Presence Attack versus the closest remaining allies of the fallen warrior. The Game Master’s discretion must be used to determine who might have witnessed the bloody demise of the warrior. Fanatics or unintelligent foes may ignore this, however.

Normally, when a Character has been Grabbed or Arm/Hand Locked, he she may not make an attack. However, if she knows the Head Butt maneuver, instead of trying to break out she may attempt to slam her forhead head into her opponent’s face. An aggressor, also knowing this maneuver and attempting and having Grabbed or Arm/Hand Locked someone may also use this maneuver instead of applying Strength damage. This special maneuver, which targets the head, applies only a -2 to the AV. The Character may then apply her Strength in Knockout Damage to her opponent’s head, taking half the damage to her own head.

This Action can only be executed from horseback (or other fast-moving mount). The momentum of the rider and mount is such that it provides massive penetrating power. Divide the Armor of the intended victim by 2 before applying damage. In addition, the Character may add +2D6 damage. This may even exceed the maximum damage rating of the weapon (which is twice the rating Damage Class). However, doing so will automatically break the weapon, rendering it useless after the initial attack. A Charge may only be performed when moving to enter combat. This rule can be used in place of the normal Mounted Charge rules.

In this attack, the attacker must specifically target the victim’s joint, be it elbow, knee, wrist, etc. This is essentially a called shot to a particular location (apply the usual penalties). However, due to the immense debilitating pain that can be inflicted, all Stun taken past armor is doubled. Normally, a blow to an arm or leg results in half damage after armor. This still applies to Hits, it is only the Stun that is figured differently.

This wicked attack allows the Character to actually attack multiple targets, so long as they are in line along the direction of the Character’s attack. Use only the initial total rolled by attacking the first opponent. If this is successful, subtract 2 from the total and compare it with the Defense Value of the second opponent. If this is successful, subtract 2 again from the total and compare it with the Defense Value of the third opponent. Then roll the damage and total it up. This will apply to all opponents who were struck. Shishkabob, available only to master lancers, allows a Light Lance to skewer up to 2 victims and a Heavy Lance 3 victims. This ability is unusual in that it may only be used if in conjunction with a Charge.

Executing a Skewer means the Character is recklessly throwing her full weight into a thrust with the intent of slicing through armor. A successful attack made by a Character using Skewer will halve the Armor rating of the intended victim for Leather, Ring, Bone, and Chain Mail Armors. The Skewering Character will suffer -2 to her Defense Value since she will be off-balance. If your Character can perform this Action, you must add +2 to the Character’s Offensive X rating!

This result is achieved by the Character grabbing her weapon with both hands and and power-swinging the weapon into the target. The Character is not concentrating on protecting herself, and thus receives a -2 penalty to her Defense Value until her next Action. If the Character successfully hits her target, the victim’s Armor is then divided by 2 before applying damage. When using this ability in conjunction with Destroy Shield, double the usual effect. In other words, a small or medium shield would be destroyed, and a large shield would be reduced by 2 in its bonus to the user’s Defensive Value. Add +3 to the Character’s Offensive X rating for the use of this ability.

This maneuver is performed following a successful Block maneuver. The Character may then take his opportunity to throw his opponent on the ground using a normal attack roll. Doing so inflicts D6 in Strength Knockout damage and forces his opponent to spend his next action to get up. The victim is at -5 DV and -2 Initiative until she is back on her feet.